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Round Robin Load balancing algorithm not available

Occasional Contributor

Round Robin Load balancing algorithm not available

Hi there,

I'm unable to change the Load balance policy in my iSCSI connection or in device manager for my Multi Path disks I have configured.  .  My san has 2 controllers, each with 2 ports.  My server has 2 nics, each nic has a sperate IP subnet with a seperate dedicated switch for each controller\subnet.

I have 2 linear LUNs of 100 GB, one on a different controller, A and B.   In the iSCSI initiator I have multiple paths to each lun, however in the MPIO configuration in the devices in iSCSI I cannot change the load balancing policy,  ro Round Robin.  It is currently set to RR with subset.

In device manager I can see for the LUN\disk on the active controller the paths are active\optimised, there is just no option for Round Robing in the load balance policy

Does anyone know why this might be happening?  I need to use round robin to increase the performance and utilise more than just 1 GB NIC?

I was under the impression that the MSA 2040 could do active\active and am working with HP support to find and resolve the issue, so far no luck.


Occasional Contributor

Re: Round Robin Load balancing algorithm not available

Just as an update, when I query the MPIO Microsoft DSM software the supported load balance policies is missing the Round Robin (RR)  It says this

MPIO Disk1: 06 Paths, Round Robin with Subset, Implicit Only

Implicit Only is the problem but I cant find why...