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Secure Path upgrade crash Windows 2000 server

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Secure Path upgrade crash Windows 2000 server

I'm in the process of updating a server.

- DL380 with 1 * KGPSA-C EVA3000
- W2000 Server (spanish) + sp4
- Local boot (SmartArray 5i)
- KGPSA driver v4.81a9
- KGPSA firmware v3.82a1
- Secure Path v4.0b

What I did:

1.- update driver to v5-5.20a10 (+reboot)
2.- Install HBAnywhere v2.1.1.9 and use LPUTILNT to update KGPSA firmware to v3.92a2 and reboot.
3.- update to SP 4.0c sp2-1 with the web update called: Installation starts OK and near the end of it, i got a blue screen:
STOP 0x0000001E on RAIDISK

Reboot and I got:

and thats all folks !!

I'll try to recover somehow, but the problem seems to be on the boot disk itself, not in the software stuff.

I tryed to boot last known config without luck.
Safe boot either works.

ADVISE: Never Never play with Secure Path without a good contingency plan:

- Make a ERD first (this is W2000)
- Install the Recovery Console or have the Windows 2000 CD aside
- Backup the Master Boot record & Partition Table
- Get an ghost image of the disk
- unplug one of the drives of a hardware mirror
- your disaster recovery method of choice

It seems to me that the system has lost the disk driver. I'll try to restore it and see what happen.

Secure Path is the most active blue screen producer I know of.
At least, now SP is a dead product. Welcome MPIO !!

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Re: Secure Path upgrade crash Windows 2000 server

Another option was to upgrade to 4.0c7 first and then update it with the servicepack.

But I don't know what to expect in combination with booting from the SAN.
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Re: Secure Path upgrade crash Windows 2000 server

I don't wont to confuse you, the EVA LUN is NOT the boot device !!. The crash affected the boot device that is on the local Smart Array 5i !!.
How I solved the boot issue ? Easy: I boot ASR from installation CD-ROM, did a couple of dir's commands on the WINNT directory, shutdown, remove a drive from the mirror, reboot ... and the system booted without any problem. Do you believe taht ??

After solving the crash issue I had to reinstall Secure Path update spwinv40csp21a.

This time all is OK.
SP see their LUN.
After that I install MPIO v2 and I see the EVA3000 LUN (SP) & the EVA6000 LUN (MPIO)at the same time without any issue.

So, updating from 4.0b to 4.0c sp 2-1 work with MPIO v2.

I hope this could help somebody else.