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Storage License Manager Authentication Failing

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Storage License Manager Authentication Failing

I have just implemented an MSA1000 at a client site and we are having an issue with the Virtual Replicator software (specifically the SANWorks License Manager).

The server is Windows 2003 and whenever I launch the License Manager software to create a new license key for Virtual Replicator, I receive a "logon rejected" error message. This is the initial run of the license manager software so I am using the credentials (administrator/administrator) supplied in the documentation to no avail.

Server is current with all updates and I have turned off all security in IE for the intranet zone.

I have uninstalled both the VR and License Manager pieces and re-installed them without impact. I am attaching a screenshot of the rejected logon screen. I have an open ticket (3209121184) with support but have not yet found a solution.


Darren Sargent
Full Service Networking