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Using msa2000 on sles 11 sp2 nodes

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Using msa2000 on sles 11 sp2 nodes


I am trying to use MSA2000 on a 16 piece node cluster i try to set up.  To connect them to MSA2000 I use 2 FC switch. My problem is that olny 1 node each time access the array, but I want all 16 to access read-write in it, the same moment (as far as this is possible :) ) For example if i boot up node #1 then nodes #2-16 do not ever find as device the array (I have formated as ext3). What should I do to fix this because if I turn off node#1 and reboot node #2 then node #2 can access the array.

I use as OS SLES 11 SP2.


P.S: Please I do not refer accessing MSA2000 to create VDISK etc, but why I cannot access VDISK from all cluster nodes.


Thank you.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Using msa2000 on sles 11 sp2 nodes

Hi, ext3 is not a clustered file system, it assumes that only one machine writes to the file system at a time.


OCFS2 is apparently a cluster-aware fs, there might be more available to SLES.