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W3K and RA4100

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W3K and RA4100

hello, i´ve bought an older RA4100, to use it with 2 Proliantserver DL380R02 and ML350R03, a San Switch brocade 2800 ( HP OEM )and some 66MHZ/64 bit HBA. Two Controller on the RA4100 and 2 HBA for each server. Everything seems to be okay, but the orginal unattended installed driver with smart start 7.1 for the HBA ( 5.30.xx )didn´t show any array. So when i use a former driver like 5.23790, the Microsoft HDD Administration show me 6 arrays and 4 array´s cannot be installed ! There is a the moment no secure path installed. What is the problem.

Re: W3K and RA4100

What happens if you just have 1 hba connected from 1 server and then check with ACU? YOu should see your servers controller and then the controller from the RA4100. If the array was setup with an older smartstart it might require that you use only that version.