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Windows Pathing and EVA6400

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Windows Pathing and EVA6400

I have been working through our VMWare environment and changed the pathing policy from fixed to Round Robin checking that the preferred owner of the LUN is showing as active(I/O) in Vmware.  So i beleive by using RR i am now spreading I/O between all ports on the preferred controller on the EVA6400 - (4 instead of the fixed 1).


Now i am looking at our Windows 2003 servers that are running MPIO Fully Featured and the DSM for the 6400.  when i run:
"hpdsm devices all"


all 8 ports show as active and the policy is set to SQST and all paths show as Active.  I have never come across SQST before, and why do all paths show as active?  surely only four should actually be actively communicating with the preferred controller if it is load balanced?

Can someone assist, what is the best policy for a Windows 2003 server for an EVA6400 active/active array. Do i need to do like i used to have to do in ESX 3.5 and set paths to fixed and make sure the correct controller port was used for the fixed pathing policy?  or is Windows a bit more clever?