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iSCSI problems with VMWare

Chris Gooch
Occasional Contributor

iSCSI problems with VMWare

Hi everyone,

I'm having major problems with my HP MSA1510i SAN and it's connectivity to VMWare.

Looking through my logs I can see that the network connection from the VMWare server to the SAN keeps dropping but I have no idea why. Sometimes it stays up for hours and other times it's only minutes.

I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with VMWare as the ESX hosts detect the SAN fine it's purely the preservation of the iSCSI connections.

I'm sure I've configured the SAN correctly though I am no expert.

I have 4 nics each with it's own IP (on a seperated network) connected to a gig switch dedicated for iSCSI. Each nic has a portal and portal group bound to it and all have the same target.

There are 2 initiators which are the 2 esx hosts and no authentication is set.

The firmware version is 1.32 and the SAN is in it's default Active / Passive config.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I've never had any problems in the past with HP SANs and this is the first time I've used iSCSI and at the moment it will certainly be the last....

Any help would be greatfully recieved