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snmp trap service on windows 2003 needed?

mark q
Regular Advisor

snmp trap service on windows 2003 needed?


I have snmp configured and working but I was wondering if the snmp trap service (normally set to manual) is really needed on windows 2003 or is it ok to disable it?
Frequent Advisor

Re: snmp trap service on windows 2003 needed?

yes you can disable it if you dont want any trap messages sent ie if you're only using SNMP for monitoring whether or not your server is up

Also depends on if you have anything monitoring for SNMP traps. If not - then you dont need any SNMP services at all.

If you have, then you'll want to keep traps up and running so you know if theres a problem

Its set to manual because it activates itself whenever it sends a trap
mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: snmp trap service on windows 2003 needed?

so if I use insight manager then I should have snmp traps set to manual right?
Timothy Cusson
Valued Contributor

Re: snmp trap service on windows 2003 needed?

The SNMP service is used to send traps to a Central Management Server (CMS) via a common / matching read only community string.

The SNMP Trap service is used to receive traps via a common / matching read commuinty string. The received traps are passed on to the monitoring software, such as HP-SIM.

On the CMS running HP-SIM, both SNMP service and SNMP Trap service should be set to Startup Automatic. The trap destination should be Localhost.

All the managed / monitored servers that are running health agents should have the SNMP service set to Startup Automatic, the SNMP service can be left as Startup Manual or it could be disabled.

To verify operation, on one of the managed servers open the SMH (System Management Homepage, Settings, SNMP, and click on "Send Test Trap".

Now log onto HP-SIM, click on "All Events", you should see "Received generic test trap". NOTE: HP-SIM and the managed servers must have the same SNMP Read Only community string.