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Message Queues Problem

Occasional Contributor

Message Queues Problem

I installed our running application on a new rp3440 machine. The application uses message queues for IPC. I used the compiler option
-D__BIGMSGQUEUE_ENABLED to have a larger message queue; but the program is unable to create the queues. I have already set the msgseg-> 8192; msgssz->64; msgmnb-> 262144 and rebuilt the kernel and re-booted the system. Is there some other parameter to be set which I have missed?
Amit Gupta
Honored Contributor

Re: Message Queues Problem


The following patches will allow you to increase message queue capacity
(msgmnb) from 64Kb to 64Mb.

PHKL_26136 dyn semaphores; large data space; msgmnb
PHKL_24487 LP64 maxdsiz; max msgmnb; major no; maxfiles
PHKL_26008 pstat patch, long command line storage

NOTE: Be sure to check the ITRC Patch Tool to locate the most current version
of this patch.

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