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removing hostname from sendmail

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removing hostname from sendmail

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Hello Everyone,


my emails show up as being sent from   I need them to be


Does anyone know how to remove the hostname "iusghp5" from the address.


I have read through a ton of forum threads and I still cannot figure it out. I tried to set the "DM" paramater in and that doesn't seem to help.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!!





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Re: removing hostname from sendmail

This is called masquerading and DM (plus C{M}) can accomplish this. Also, mailx can be used by setting the -r option.


For DM and C{M} in, it would look like this:



Note that there are no spaces.

Using mailx, you can test masquerading like this:


mailx -r -s testing123 < /etc/issue


But with mailx, you can specify any email address.


mailx -r -s testing123 < /etc/issue

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Re: removing hostname from sendmail

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>mailx can be used by setting the -r option.


Unfortunately when you use -r, you can't use any of the useful tilde commands.