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sendmail attachments in rtf

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sendmail attachments in rtf


we are trying to send attachments via email which are in RTF.

This is part of the script :
echo "Subject: Baan *MAILME_RTF* result"
uuencode $1 MAILME$$.rtf
)| mail $LOGNAME
touch /tmp/mailtouch

It appears however that the recipient does not get a proper formatting.

This is the content of /usr/share/lib/mailx.rc:

set append
set asksub
set dot
set crt=21
set PAGER=/usr/bin/more
set save
set encoding=8bit
set charset=us-ascii

Is this configuration wrong ? Do I need another charset ? Or should I use mailx instead of mail in the first script ?

I don't know much about the uuencode either. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Madhu Sudhan_1
Respected Contributor

Re: sendmail attachments in rtf

uuencode some_file file_name_of_attachment.rtf | sendmail

This works for me.

I have never tried sending attachments using mailx.

Think Positive
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail attachments in rtf

We just send attachments in one of 2 ways - depending on what mail system you use;

uuencode | sendmail -v
uuencode | mailx -s"subject"

It always comes out fine as an attachment - using MS Exchange/Outlook.

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