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Disable Cluster Monitoring

PNX Alan
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Disable Cluster Monitoring

I apologies if this is the forum for this post...


We are currently integrating the HP Management Pack into SCOM and I am receiving SNMP health warnings from our Mailbox Servers that seem to relate to the Exchange Cluster Service.  In SCOM the warning just appears as


ServerOthers_SNMP.HealthState HealthWarning 


If I look at the System Management Homepage though I see that the Cluster Resource is showing as degraded. Our Exchange DAG is spread across multiple AD sites and the warning seems to be related to the fact that only 1 of the IP addresses assigned to the DAG is active.  This is expected behaviour for Exchange so I would like to disable cluster monitoring on these servers so that the warning isn't raised to SCOM.  


I attempted to do this by removing the Clustering Information agent from the Active Agents list in the HP Management Agents Control Panel (and restarting the agent services) but both the HP SMH and SCOM still show the warning for the cluster.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for disabling cluster monitoring?