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HP network training

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HP network training

I am familiar with general configuration of procure switches (vlan's etc...) but I am wanting to step up my game. We are running 5400zl series switch on our core and i want to learn how to utilise this better other then basic switching. I can't seem to find any training courses or certifications that would give me the understanding that say ccna or ccna routing would give me. Is it a case of doing the Cisco staff then just figuring out the cli commands for the hp equivalent or is there something out there I don't know about that is specific to hp switches?


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As your requirement is to better make use of the switch features, you can find the below datasheets and quickspecs to know what all features this switch support.


Quick Specs 5400zl:


Once you identify the features based on your requirement, you may follow the the configuration guide to configure the device.

Below link has the documentation to find the required configuration guides.[cv60000005]&f:@kmdoclanguagecode=[cv1871440]&hpe=1


If your switch model is Aruba 5400R zl Series, below are the configuration guide links.

Access SecurityGuide -

Aruba REST API Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16.10

Aruba Basic Operation Guide forArubaOS-Switch 16.10

Aruba 5400R IPv6 ConfigurationGuide for ArubaOS-Switch 16.10

Aruba 5400R Advanced TrafficManagement Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16.10 

Aruba 3810 / 5400R Management andConfiguration Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16.10

Aruba 3810 / 5400R Multicast andRouting Guide for ArubaOS-Switch16.10

If you are looking for any training on HPE/Aruba Routing & Switching, please send me a private message with your email address and contact details so that I can arrange for a call back from concerned team.




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