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VXLAN solution in LAB Simulator

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VXLAN solution in LAB Simulator

Hello HPe team,
MY NAME IS HARDIK TRIVEDI and I am from HPE partner side and we have given one VXLAN solution to our prime customer.
We have seriously facing issue to create the lab in HCL software..
HCL software doesn't VXLAN L3 tunnel and L2 is supported..

But we want to create L3 svi and tunnel also which communicate with different VLAN and give ACTIVE ACTIVE solution between DC and DR..

Even we have tried to create in GNS3 but the supported appliance and OS is not available so can you please provide us any lab solution for same and other way from we can achieve this before deployment..

Re: VXLAN solution in LAB Simulator


Not sure which HCL verion you are testing, if you not on the latest you can try to download the latest HCL version from the below link and try.

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Thank You!
I am an HPE Employee

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