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4150B with XP

Luca Ducceschi
Occasional Visitor

4150B with XP

I upgraded to Windows on XP onmy home PC (4150B). Everything worked fine until i added SP2. That is when it started to lock up and freeze. End result was I had to wipe the disc and reinstall. However, i still have the same problem with the freezing. I was advised to upgrade to the BIOS used for Windows 2000. Still have problems. Any ideas how to trouble shoot?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: 4150B with XP

When it freezes does Ctrl + Alt + Delete still work?

Sounds like a hardware problem if it is still there after a reformat unless you didn't manage to get the security upgrades before being attacked by one of the worms.

Could be the processor is getting a bit hot or some of your memory has some bad cells.

Try memtest86+ at

let it run a while to see if you have any memory or other problems.

Get HijackThis.exe from

and post the log as an attachment to a reply.

Luca Ducceschi
Occasional Visitor

Re: 4150B with XP

Thanks for the Memtest, i ran it with no major problems. I also have some extra RAM hanging around, switched it and problem still happens. i have another motherboard too froma parts unit BUT the BIOS is password protected. Will swap out everything but the motherboard and see if that fixes it. Let me know if you have any other ideas.