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Add network printer

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Add network printer

Hi everyone

I am trying to add a network printer to my local spooler on an hp-ux 11.31 machine. I can ping the printer.
So I entered in hppi and selected 1) Spooler Administration (super-user only) and then 1) Add printer to local spooler, then I entered the printers name and I receive this message:

!! XXX is NOT an acceptable name!!
Either it is NOT a network printer or this host is denied access
to it!

So I make an hpnpadmin -v [printer_name_that_is_in_hosts_file] and get this output:

XXX is a network printer

Printer State : ready to print

myserver is denied access to XXX
Fail (1)

Card IP Address : XXX (
Network Mask :
Default Gateway : ??? (
Idle Timeout : 270 seconds

Uptime : 6 days, 16:26:42
Time Since Reconfig : 1 day, 17:07:11
Reconfig By : not specified
Connections Accepted: 224
Connections Denied : 81 (not on access list)
Last Host : XXX (
Connections Aborted : 0
Connections Killed : 0
Bytes Received : 0 (current connection)
Bytes Sent : 0 (current connection)
Total Bytes Received: 793405609 (since power-on or reconfig)
Total Bytes Sent : 636 (since power-on or reconfig)

Control Panel : Pronta
Line State : Online

TCP Statistics

121129 segments received
0 segments received in error
0 segments received in order
0 segments received out of order
0 zero window probes
0 segments discarded
118114 segments sent

UDP Statistics

18552 datagrams received and delivered
26434 discarded due to no application at the destination port
0 discarded due to other reasons
7068 datagrams sent

IP Statistics

166029 datagrams received
0 discarded due to IP header errors
279 discarded due to address error
29 discarded due to an unknown or unsupported protocol
125048 datagrams transmission requests
0 discarded due to lack of resources
0 discarded due to no route to destination
0 valid routing entries discarded

ICMP Statistics

36 messages received
0 messages received with ICMP-specific errors
29 destination unreachable
0 time exceeded
0 source quench
0 redirect
7 echo
36 messages sent
29 destination unreachable
0 time exceeded
7 echo reply

SNMP Statistics

4989 packets received
3338 GetRequests
1651 GetNexts
0 SetRequests
0 bad community names
0 operation not allowed by the SNMP community named
4980 packets sent
0 traps

Am I missing somethnig here?
When I do a telnet I get the outpu:
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Local flow control off


Connection closed by foreign host.

Can anyone help?
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Re: Add network printer

Your printer model name?
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Re: Add network printer


HP Laserjet 4345.

Bill Hassell
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Re: Add network printer

> myserver is denied access to XXX
> Fail (1)

This means that the printer has been setup to prevent access by any IP address not in it's permitted list. You'll need to contact the printer's owner and ask to have your HP-UX system's IP address added to the printer's permitted list.

In addition, the LJ 4345 is a multifunction printer, a BIG red flag for compatibility with HP-UX. Almost all multifunction printers (from any manufacturer) are host-based, a fancy terminology that means that if you don't see a driver to download, it will never work. The problem is that most MF printers are designed and sold only for PC and Mac users (sometimes Linux). The drivers are very large because they must convert simple text into rows of dots before transmitting the dots to the printer. This is a big computation effort as the font definition files must all be consulted based on the incoming text.

This printer is very annoyingly difficult to identify supported print languages (like PCL5) but the available drivers are for Windows, Macs and Linux -- no HP-UX.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Dennis Handly
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Re: Add network printer

>Bill: This printer is very annoyingly difficult to identify supported print languages (like PCL5)

The specs say:
Print languages, standard: HP PCL 5e, HP PCL 6, HP postscript level 3 emulation, direct PDF printing (v 1.3), XHTML-Print v 0.95, PML (Printer Management Language)
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Re: Add network printer


I've managed to solve the problem at that time, but thanks a lot for your replies.