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Apache ssl !!

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Apache ssl !!


I need to install a webserver that accept ssl connections. I was checking over internet, and suggest tha Apache SSL. Actually i have the:

HP-UX Apache-based Web Server v.2.17 powered by Apache, Tomcat, Webmin, ruuning on a hpux 11.11 machine.

Do you known, if this version support ssl ?, else what is the best configuration for hpux ?.

Thank's in advance.
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Re: Apache ssl !!


I am pretty sure most if not all current Apache 2.x supports SSL.

There should be a few HowTo doc in configuring SSL for Apache. It shouldn't matter if its on HP-UX, Solaris or Linux.

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Re: Apache ssl !!

If you use any of the recent HP-UX Apache depots it most likely is TLS/SSL enabled.
Everything is already prepared.
Usually you are only required to remove a comment in httpd.conf and edit ssl.conf after having created or deposited your hosted url's certificates.
If your webserver isn't yet running start it.

# /sbin/init.d/hpws_apache start

# UNIX95= ps -C httpd

Open your browser and read the required steps in the just started online manual (replace your webserver's IP or FQDN if you don't have a browser on localhost, caveat firewalls)

$ firefox http://localhost/manual/ssl/
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