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Basic commands

Frequent Contributor

Basic commands to change hostname. can give ftp permisson to users. to check the hdd space in human readable
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Basic commands

It would help if you gave the model of the computer and the version of HP-UX you are running.

> to change hostname.

Run the command: set_parms hostname
Is that all you need to change? Do you use a DNS server? Do you need to change the IP address too?

> can give ftp permisson to users.

If ftpd is not commented out in /etc/inetd.conf, then it will work immediately for users with logins on your system. But are you asking how to setup anonymous ftp? Or perhaps how to create users on the system that cannot login but just use ftp?

> to check the hdd space in human readable

Use the command: bdf
Now there is a bigger question: bdf shows the currently mounted filesystems. It does not show disk space that has not yet been allocated. For LVM disks, the command: vgdisplay will show unused space. The space is shown in Free PE where PE=physical extents and the PE size is given in Mbytes. (this assumes that you are not using VxVM as your volume manager.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: Basic commands

Take a class
Open a book

The best answer is the one you learn for yourself..