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Cannot ping Server - Please help

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Cannot ping Server - Please help

Hi There

I have a rp4410 server which was rebooted after a scheduled computer room powerdown. However when power came back and we rebooted , everything comes back up , and I can connect into the MP port and login as console and see all my mounts / Oracle Databases etc etc , however the servers ip address itself will not ping .

I wouldnt be surprised if it is something to do with ip address or a switch after the powerdown  , but how do I check if all network services came up ok ?


Re: Cannot ping Server - Please help

If everything is configured well, netstat -in should show your an expected IP address.

If you see that expected IP address in the output and your ping was executed with

the hostname of this server, then, try ping with the IP address. If it works, then, there

can be something wrong with the name server (like the name server keeps different

IP address than the system currently has).


There can be something more to check. But the first thing to check is to see if you

see an expected IP address in "netstat -in". If not,  /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file got

modified sometime before the system reboot.


Hope this helps.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Cannot ping Server - Please help

Hi Akio ,

Thanks for your reply . Ok did a netstat -in , and it does indeed pick up the ip address as pointing to lan0 , which is what Id expect. Are there any other logs or services I can check to see if they are spouting errors. Im waiting on the local support on site to check the physical network card for lights etc when they get there , and also checkout the ip address as well to see if it is still live (or would netstat not even pick it up if it wasnt stll live?)



Re: Cannot ping Server - Please help

I am assuming

 = you're trying to run ping on the other host on the same subnet


 = the system has only one network interface card being used.

If so, you don't need to worry about routing information.

Then, what I would suggest you to do more are:


1) Ensure UP flag is seen in the output from "ifconfig lan0".

2) Ensure "lanadmin -g 0" shows 'up' for both of the following lines:

Administration Status (value)   = up(1)
Operation Status (value)        = up(1)


3) Check "lanadmin -x 0" output. If Autonegotiation is not "On", then, there can be some configuration mismatch between
    the card and the switch port. The safest way is to set both ends to Auto.