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How can I reclaim 'declined' entries in dhcpdb

Kathy Kope

How can I reclaim 'declined' entries in dhcpdb

I have numerous entries in the dhcpdb file with a state of "D". I tried to reclaim these with the dhcptools -r command but they don't release.

How can I reclaim the 'declined' entries? We are running out of ip addresses to assign because of these declined entries.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: How can I reclaim 'declined' entries in dhcpdb

Shalom Kathy,

Step 1.
Be sure the ip addresses are not in use.

Try pinging them.

You may find the best way to go here is to decrease the lease time. Take a look at the configuration file and see if the lease time is inordinately long.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Kathy Kope

Re: How can I reclaim 'declined' entries in dhcpdb

I have verified that the IP addresses are not in use. According to an HP knowledge base document that HP referred me to:

Why is the DHCP server not
releasing these addresses after having marked them as DECLINED?
If the client with the address indicates there is something wrong
with the OFFERED/ACKed ip-address, the server then thinks that the
is address is BAD and will never offer it again.

If the IP address will never be offered again, how can I remove the declined entries. The document says to edit the dhcpdb document but the bootp daemon must be stopped. The bootp daemon automatically restarts when I kill it. Do I need to stop the inetd process?

Any ideas?