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How can find network card uses or performance

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How can find network card uses or performance



How can find network card uses or performance.and how much data synchronization on network card

on server or network card Perfornmance.




Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: How can find network card uses or performance

You can start with linkinfo


(the linkinfo script should collect several output files, especially one for the apa setup). check on linkinfo_gbe.out



# mkdir /tmp/hptools
# cd /tmp/hptools

# chmod u+x linkinfo

# ./linkinfo ALL

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Re: How can find network card uses or performance

Your question looks so wide that it's not possible to know exactly what you're looking for.

Looks like you want to gather some network performance data.

But things are not so simple once you think of performance. You mentioned "data synchronization", which

implies you need to know overall performance of data transfer.

In such cases, you have to be clear on:


1. What kind of application program is involved.

   - Ftp ?

   - NFS copy ? - UDP or TCP ?

   - 3rd party application ? - UDP or TCP ?

   - Any other custom-made application ? - UDP or TCP ?

2. What is the peer system you think of ?

   - Slower peer will make the performance slower naturally speaking

   - Software configuration is possible on the remote peer so that you can tune up the performance ?


This is just from my experience but in many cases, network performance issues come from upper

layer or at least it'd be better to start analysis/diagnostics from upper layer(application) especially

when actual data transfer (from a file or DB) is involved. There're many cases where the performance

bottleneck comes from non-Network world like disk I/O and CPU bottlenecks.


If you want to know pure network performance, some tests with netperf should be done first while there're

few activities on the system and the network.  Check:

for more about netperf.


If you just want to check something like # of packets (inbound/outbound) per a given period, I suppose

running "nwmgr --st -c lanX"  twice would be the quickest start.


Note that linkinfo mentioned by Johnson may have to be obtained through HP's support channel. It is not

provided along with pure operating system product.