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Isolated Backup Network via NIC Teaming

Romy Aquino
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Isolated Backup Network via NIC Teaming

I am setting up an isolated backup network that I would like to keep production traffic off and visa versa.
The issue I am having is that if I enable the "Backup Network" Team, ip resolves eventually go to this network team which is isolated to its self via Vlan 110.
I would like to configure the Teams based on priority or exclusion. Where Team Nic01 is priority one, Team Nic02 is priority two, and Backup Network is only used by the backup software that sees only what server is on that Vlan.
Currently the Teams are configured with TLB and Round Robin (packet order not guaranteed)

I thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Network Team Nic01 172.22.30.xx, Vlan 10
Network Team Nic02 192.1.1.xx, Vlan 11
Backup Network 172.22.130.xx, Vlan 110

Vlan 10 sees Vlan 11, Vlan 11 sees Vlan 10 but Vlan 110 does not see either Vlan 10 or 11
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Re: Isolated Backup Network via NIC Teaming

Im not sure if I understand your issue, but you can add static routes on windows, it will allow to send traffic to an specific gateway.

For example, if you were on VLAN10 and you had a gateway on configured to access the network, you can use a route add statement like this:

route ADD MASK

Then the traffic for that network will go to that gateway instead of the backup network.