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Multiple Collision Frames

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Multiple Collision Frames

My rp7420 has 6 NICs. lan5 is not in use. But lanadmin shows Multiple Collision Frames for lan5.

PPA Number = 5
Administration Status (value) = up(1)
Operation Status (value) = down(2)
Outbound Octets = 110685
Multiple Collision Frames = 165996

I have cleared this and it is again getting accumulated. What would be the cause of this.?
Other unused NIC doesnot show any Collissions.

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Re: Multiple Collision Frames

Does lan5 have an IP address assigned? If you run "ifconfig lan5", what does it say?

The fact that "Administration Status" is "up" indicates that the card may not have been completely deconfigured when it was taken out of use. If the system has APA or Serviceguard installed, verify that the card has been removed from any APA or Serviceguard configurations, and that the updated configuration has actually been applied.

You might want to unplumb the card to completely deconfigure it:

ifconfig lan5 unplumb

If you do this, also check /etc/rc.config.d/netconf for any references to lan5. Comment out or remove any old configuration settings for lan5.

(Note: if you edit any files in /etc/rc.config.d manually, *don't* leave backup copies of the files in the same directory. If you want to have a backup in the system, move the backup file somewhere else.)

The "Outbound Octets" counter indicates the system is still trying to send some data out of that interface. The "Operation Status = down" indicates the NIC has no link. Perhaps the cable has been disconnected?

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Re: Multiple Collision Frames

# ifconfig lan5
ifconfig: no such interface

There is no APA or MCSG.

No config file refers lan5.

As it is not using there is no cable connected.
How to check who is sending network packets to lan5?