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NFS Copy error

Occasional Contributor

NFS Copy error

Hi there,


After mounting an NFS over Datadomain in my HPUX, I'm getting this error when trying to copy files into the mount folder:

cp: bad copy to /data/test.tar: write: Unknown error

my mount options with nfsstat -m:

Flags: vers=3,proto=tcp,auth=unix,hard,nointr,llock,link,symlink,devs,forcedirectio,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,retrans=5
All: srtt= 0 ( 0ms), dev=48000 (240000ms), cur=12000 (240000ms)

Thank you for your help.


Dave Olker

Re: NFS Copy error

Is it only when you use the cp command that you cannot create files in the mounted filesystem or does any attempt to create a new file fail?  How about something as simple as:

# touch /data/testfile

I suggest collecting a nettl trace of the failing operations and look at the trace to see exactly what errors the NFS server is returning.