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Networking XP to Windows 2k system

Ed Lata
Valued Contributor

Networking XP to Windows 2k system

Can anyone directly give me a method of connecting a computer with an XP operating system to a Windows 2000 LAN? I have a LAN set up via my cable router on a desktop Win2K system, and have no problems with any of my other computers also running Win2K. On the XP system, I can get out to the Internet via an IE window (ie. Google, etc.) but can't see my shared folders on the Win2K desktop system.

Initial trials/troubleshooting revealed a reference to using the WinXP operating system disk on the other computer, but no reference was made re compatibility to other platforms. All I have is a recovery disk for the new laptop I'm trying to connect to and would not be applicable as far as I can see.

Please - DO NOT submit references to Microsoft's voluminous tech pages unless the instructions there are VERY specific (ie. do not reference 10,000 additional tech help pages) or someone has had a similar problem and followed a subset successfully.

Daniel Anderson_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Networking XP to Windows 2k system

Are you using XP Home or XP Professional? Also, have you tried mapping the folders (either using server name or IP Address) instead of browsing for them?

Gary Cooper_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Networking XP to Windows 2k system

How come you've started a new thread for this Ed?

I suggest you close this one and use the first one.


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Re: Networking XP to Windows 2k system

You have the XP connected to the LAN, and it gets out to the internet via an IE window. Ergo, it has an IP address and knows the address of your LAN's gateway. That's not the same as having a useful IP-address on your network. How'd it get its address?
You mention other W2Ks run OK, and you mention a cable-router -- ie: it probably got the gateway's address from your router (which advertises it), but was the router's DHCP-simulater able to assign the XP an IP-address, or does the XP have a default 169.x.x.x? Do ipconfig and check the XP's address, and then look in the router to verify it matches the address the XP thinks it assigned. Alternatively, assign static-IP addresses, and make sure all the machines are in LMHOSTS files (& WINS).
XP defaults to expecting DHCP to assign its address -- if you are presently set up with static address, XP will assign itself a 169.x.x.x, I think. Check Network...>Local Area Connection>Properties>Internet Protocol>Properties and be sure you are set up appropriately.
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Ed Lata
Valued Contributor

Re: Networking XP to Windows 2k system

Thanks everyone.

I found the solution to my problem. It was very simple - I installed NWLink NetBios, NWLink IPX/SPX NetBios Compatible Transport Protocol.

I'm a little dissappointed in Microsoft not giving out instructions for doing this when setting up a LAN. No mention of doing this in any of the technical notes that I read.

Thanks again all. Hope I can help someone else with this problem.


P.S. Sorry about all the threads. I thought they were separated more.