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Ping not returns but ssh/telnet works fine

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Occasional Contributor

Ping not returns but ssh/telnet works fine

Hi there,

I have 2 HP-UX on same subnet and having a problem on one about ping. I'll call them as hp01 hp02.

hp01 can ping hp02 (ping says %100 transmitted)
hp01 can ssh/telnet hp02
hp02 can ssh/telnet hp01
hp02 cannot ping hp01 (ping says %100 packet loss)

There I thought of ndd commands, and set "ip_forwarding" as it could be the cause but it still didn't affect to behave normally.

I don't know if this problem exists since the installations.

Any ideas about what it could be?


Dave Olker

Re: Ping not returns but ssh/telnet works fine

Are either system running IP Filter or any other software-based firewall programs that might be denying ICMP traffic?  Since ssh/telnet work, I assume hostname resolution is not the issue.  Likely don't need to verify with linkloop either since ssh/telnet are working. 


Have you tried collecting a network trace on both systems during the ping failure to see if the ICMP requests are making it to the remote system and if any attempt at a reply is on the wire?



Occasional Contributor

Re: Ping not returns but ssh/telnet works fine

Ok, found some strange ipfilter enabled on the troubled hp01 coming with the installation; flushed it.

ipf -Fa
ipfstat -io

Isn't that strange that? I'm glad not to work with that tcpdump version of hpux. thanks,