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ProCurve 2524: trunking and configuration

Ivan Leong
Occasional Contributor

ProCurve 2524: trunking and configuration

I have six pieces of ProCurve 2524; let's call them S1 to S6. Various servers and machines connect to these switches. All switches use the latest firmware: F.02.13

I also have a ProCurve 2424M; let's call this S0. This L2 switch serves as the uplink to the 2524s. In other words, Internet connect to 2424M connect to 6x2524.

Here's how I'm trying to connected these 7 switches.

Part 1: S3-S0-S4
Part 2: S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-S6

In Part 1, S3-S0 is a 2 x 100Mbps full-duplex trunks; S0-S4 is a single 100Mbps conection.
In Part 2, each link between the switches are 2 x 100Mbps full-duplex trunks.

Question #1
Looking at S2, there are two sets of trunks, one to S1, another to S3. How do I configure 2 sets of trunks in a switch? While every documentation I see says up to 10 static trunks are allowed, I can only use "trk1". "trkX" where X=2 to 10, gives a syntax error!

Question #2
How do I configure S3 and S4, such that the six 2524 switches get an aggregate 300Mbps full-duplex uplink to S0?

Re: ProCurve 2524: trunking and configuration

While the 2424M switch supports a maximum of ten trunks, the 2524 switch only supports one trunk. You may consider using the 2424M switch as the core switch with all the 2524's connected to it using a single trunk group.
Ivan Leong
Occasional Contributor

Re: ProCurve 2524: trunking and configuration

Thank you for the reply.

If the 2524 supports only one trunk per switch, why

a) there is no mention of this limitation in all the documentation (@hp search, 2524 doc, etc) that I can find.

b) 2524 firmware help function (by pressing TAB) says the trunk command syntax is

trunk [type ]


Given my setup of six 2524 switches, what is my best topology setup to achieve high bandwidth and redundancy (secondary priority)?