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Remote Downlevel Document

Niki Sparks
Occasional Visitor

Remote Downlevel Document

It is good to see I am not the only one suffering from these problems.
We have two netwokr printers on a Widnows 200 network. One is a HPLJ4000 & the ohter a lexmark. We have one client PC that when booted causes the remote doenlevel docuemnt to be sent to both printer queues, the result is that several reams of paper are spooled to both printers with spurious characters & unless you pull the plug on the printer you can't stop them! Anyone any specific ideas I can try?

Thanks :o)
Daniel F

Re: Remote Downlevel Document

That computer is probably affected by the Bugbear virus.
You can get a removal tool here:

This tool detects the following viruses:
W32/Lovgate@M, BackDoor-AQJ, W32/SQLSlammer, W32/Lirva, W32/Yaha, W32/Bugbear, W32/Elkern & W32/Klez, W32/Nimda@MM, W32/Sircam@MM, and W32/Funlove@MM

Unfortunately my remote downlevel document problem is not as simple as a virus...

Good luck though,

best regards,
Daniel F.