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Two different networks.

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Two different networks.


Is there a way to see two different network computers in Network Neighborhood? (mask (mask

I know that it would be done by Netbeui, but don't want to install another network protocol since TCP/IP works. And I can find other network computers by searching them by name / IP.

Jerome Henry
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Re: Two different networks.

According to your mask, those networks are differents ( means that only computers in will be on the same network as another computer in
Network neighborhood IS NetBEUI, usually NBT (netbios over TCP/IP), automatically installed with TCP/IP protocol for that purpose.
The easiest solution is to change manually your lmhosts file to add the address you need to see, and link it to its IP.
Read this to understand how it works :
And this to change yor settings :
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Jon Finley
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Re: Two different networks.

If you are in a domain environment, set up a WINS server.

If not, you can setup a central lmhosts file that each of the client computers point to (would be similar to a WINS servers or domain master browser in that respect) giving you only one file to maintain for changes.

Another way would be to Superset your IP range by changing the subnet masks on ALL of your systems. This would make the 194.x and 195.x subnets part of a single larger subnet.

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