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UMASK for ftp account

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UMASK for ftp account

I am facing a problem where permission of a file created by a ftp account has a permission 660 while files created by the otherftp account is 644. Is this problem related to the umask for that ftp account...and if it is so then how can i change the umask value for that account?



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Bill Hassell
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Re: UMASK for ftp account

There's a number of items that we need to know about this ftp problem:


1. Model of system and version of HP-UX (ftp has changed over the last 20 years)

2. Is the permission seen on the HP-UX side (incoming files) or the destination?


There are a couple of locations for ftp permissions:

ftp   stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/lbin/ftpd  ftpd -l -u 022 -v -X -L

This example has several options but the umask value is -u 022 which would result in 644 permissions for all incoming files. This is the basic ftp line for old and newer versions of ftp.


For newer systems (11.00 and later), ftpd is the WU-FTPD code and uses several config files in /etc/ftpd.

Look at the files in /etc/ftpd:







There is a man page for each file.








Bill Hassell, sysadmin