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What interface modules associated with an interface

Brett Williams
Occasional Visitor

What interface modules associated with an interface

Why is it that the ifconfig command can be used to assign the interface module associated with an interface but it can not display the one(s) that are currently associated?

The startup script /sbin/init.d/net is used to bring up the interfaces as defined in the /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file. When the ifconfig command string is built the script uses the DEFAULT_INTERFACE_MODULES or the pertinent INTERFACES_MODULES value.

We are using IPFilters and Bastille. The DEFAULT_INTERFACE_MODULES value is "pfil ".

Someone had edited the netconf file and had inadvertently copied the line that contained the assignment of the variable DEFAULT_INTERFACE_MODULES and had assigned it the null string. This had adverse effects in that the IPFilters were not filtering without this module associated with the given interface. This was found only through reviewing the netconf file manually.

Why doesn't the ifconfig command display the current associated modules with an interface? Is there another command that could be used to display the module(s)? I could not find one.

Another question that I have is what are the options for the modules that could be associated?