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bl870c i2 / BL890c i2 with VC and APA

Occasional Contributor

bl870c i2 / BL890c i2 with VC and APA

I am trying to configure new bl870 i2 servers.
in the server I have 2 cards connected to each VC switch.
what I've done is configuring lan900 as MANUAL APA of 2 cards (in the same switch),
lan901 is 2 lans from the other switch and lan902 is LAN_MONITOR for both lan900 and lan901.

so I have lan902 as lan900 active and lan901 standby

I checked disconnecting cables and seems like this configuration is working .

is this configuration correct ????

does anyone have any documents regarding configuration of APA in BL870/890 i2 servers ?
Andrey Chipalyuk
Frequent Advisor

Re: bl870c i2 / BL890c i2 with VC and APA

May be

nwmgr --help -S apa
nwmgr --help -S hp_apa
Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: bl870c i2 / BL890c i2 with VC and APA

Sorry I don't know of any specific documentation. The APA guide is here:

This is how I set up our BL870c i2 cluster nodes:
VCPort to VC Network Name
1 vlan900_bay1
2 vlan901_bay1
3 vlan901_bay2
4 vlan900_bay2
5 vlan902_bay1
8 vlan902_bay2
# nwmgr -S apa
Class Mode Load Speed- Membership
Instance Balancing Duplex
======== =========== ========= ==================== ==========
lan900 LAN_MONITOR LB_HS 10 Gbps Full Duplex 0,17
lan901 LAN_MONITOR LB_HS 10 Gbps Full Duplex 1,16
lan902 LAN_MONITOR LB_HS 10 Gbps Full Duplex 25,8