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cifs (smb client) problem - file size and RPC timeouts

Norman Dignard
Regular Advisor

cifs (smb client) problem - file size and RPC timeouts

HPUX 11i connecting to a windows 2008R2 share . We plan to push data for backups to this windows server for backups


I've setup amdn mounted a windows share using smbclient.  I've tested pushing a pax, tar and gzip archives to it which for the most part appears to work fine however I've noted a few problems that I can't seem to resolve.


Problem 1 - file size not reported properly on windows server.

Scenerio  - created a pax and a tar/gzip file from a local unix dir pushing it directly to the cifs mount piont.

File size on both OS appear correct (eg. 43GB)

copied both archive files back from cifs mount to local unix dir. - file sizes still reported ok.

copied these archives back to cifs mount as a new file name.   

A ls from unix side still reports correct file sizes  43GB on both original and copied file on the cifs mount point

On Windows however the renamed copy is reported as 1.8GB.   This happens  regardless of archive type.


Any idea what the problem is?


Problem 2 - pax pipe to gzip

I can create a straight pax archive across to the cifs mount  if however I pipe pax to gzip after a variable amount of time the system comes back with RPC timeout.  The file created on the cifs mount varies in size. 

eg. using just pax I can create the 43gb archive

using pax |gzip  - it times out with varing file sizes created. In mutliple tests this varied from 4GB to 11Gb before failing


any ideas? 



Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: cifs (smb client) problem - file size and RPC timeouts


try setting

        fileCreateMask = 0600;


     fileCreateMask = 0666;

in /etc/opt/cifsclient/cifsclient.cfg in place of 

     fileCreateMask = 0000;


It usually avoid nfs timeout on cifs access.