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error on log nettl.LOG00

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error on log nettl.LOG00


I need your help with this message.

************************100 Mb/s SPP LAN/9000 Networking********************@#%
Timestamp : Wed Feb 03 SAT 2010 19:22:36.895285
Process ID : 4376 Subsystem : SPP100BT
User ID ( UID ) : 0 Log Class : ERROR
Device ID : 3 Path ID : 0
Connection ID : 0 Log Instance : 0
<7001> HPSPPCI 10/100BASE-T driver could not allocate read buffer to post
to the adapter in slot(Crd In#) 3 due to resource shortage.

(Error) This is caused by temporary buffer shortage. The driver will
retry to allocate read buffers at a later time.

No action is necessary.



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Jupinder Bedi
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Re: error on log nettl.LOG00

can you send me the output of netstat -in , hp_apaconf , hp_apaportconf .

also for the time being you can try as follows from the console

cd /sbin/init.d
./hpapa stop
./hpapa start
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Michael Steele_2
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Re: error on log nettl.LOG00


As it says, no action is necessary.

Question though: Is this a V class server?

Here is a link to the SPP100BT NIC, which is found in the V class.

There's some relevant information here, including the need for this patch:

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Re: error on log nettl.LOG00

thanks a lot for the aid.