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how to jon window domain

my domain is on window2008 & i want to make hp-unix server to member of that domain
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Re: how to jon window domain

(If you wanted to talk about HP-UX, why post in the Linux section? I'll ask the moderators to move this thread to the HP-UX section...)

This is a very big task, with a lot of effects to your system. Your exact requirements will determine which procedures to use.

Do you want to:

- share disks and/or printers to Windows users?
(you can do this even without joining the domain, but joining makes it easier)

- maintain file ownerships on those disks in a way that is recognizable to Windows?
(you'll have to at least allocate a range of UIDs for mapping to Windows usernames, or create such a mapping manually)

- login to your HP-UX using Windows passwords?
(LDAP-UX required, some POSIX-compatibility additions to AD schema might be required)

- delegate your HP-UX user account management to Windows AD?
(the same as previous, but with groups too)

You'll also have to decide:
- do you want to join the Windows domain in full AD mode, or is it allowed to use older NT4-style security protocols?

Description of AD mode:

The actual procedure for joining a domain in AD mode:

NT4-style mode:

Anyway, you'll need the HP CIFS server software (which is based on Samba):

You'll also need its dependencies, namely the KRB5CLIENT package:

For full integration to an Active Directory domain, you'll probably also need the LDAP-UX package (since AD is a form of LDAP):

On each download page listed above, you'll find also links to documentation pages. Use them to find the appropriate documentation: the installation and administration guides, and the release notes for the specific software versions you're going to use.

Each of these software packages has specific patch requirements. Read the Release Notes for each package to find the requirements and install the appropriate patches.

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Re: how to jon window domain

Please ask your HP-UX questions in one of the proper HP-UX categories:

(Instead of putting all three of your threads in the Linux forum.)
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Re: how to jon window domain

For NT4 Style Domain Joins:

net rpc oldjoin

This is how I have been doing it since we do not use WInBind/LDAP/AD integration and have rather "simpler" needs.

For Full AD DOmain join -- I usually use SWAT
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