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netconf not working

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netconf not working

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I have a machine running hp-ux 11vi3 patched with march 2013 QPK, but everytime we reboot it the local IP address is blank, we APA setup for networking and the netconf file appears to have th correct information in it.

What else can i check to see why i am having this problem?




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Re: netconf not working

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The APA config itself?

Try "hpsum" to check the settings. Maybe they are not permanent?


Do you have more than 1 netconf file, like a netconf.old?




# nwmgr -S apa

show the correct configuration after a reboot?


Any message in rc.log file?

Hope this helps!

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Re: netconf not working

here is what nwmgr -s apa showed me, everythign looks ok



nwmgr -S apa
Class    Mode        Load      Speed-               Membership
Instance             Balancing Duplex
======== =========== ========= ==================== ===========================
lan900   LACP_AUTO   LB_MAC    2 Gbps Full Duplex   2,5
lan901   LACP_AUTO   LB_MAC    2 Gbps Full Duplex   1,4

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Re: netconf not working

only one netconf file, so no .sav or .old ones that i can find any where on the system.
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Re: netconf not working

I found the problem , i did find a netconf.ipv6 file.. once removed since we are not using ipv6 i rebooted and it came up like its supposed to...YEAH...thanks for the help and advice..