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network bandwidth

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network bandwidth


Is there any command to find the total bandwidth of a HP-UX server?My server is connected to 1 GBPS switch.But we are not getting the expected bandwidth.How can i check if it is connected to 1GBPS using any command?
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Re: network bandwidth

You can use lanadmin or nwmgr, it depends on your OS version.

# nwmgr -g -v -c lan0
Interface State =UP
MAC Address =
Subsystem = igelan
Interface Type = 1000Base-T
Hardware Path = 0/1/2/0
NMID = 1
Feature Capabilities = Physical Interface
VLAN Tag Offload
64Bit MIB Support
IPV4 TCP Segmentation Offload
UDP Multifrag CKO
Feature Settings = Physical Interface
VLAN Tag Offload
64Bit MIB Support
MTU = 1500
Speed = 1 Gbps Full Duplex (Autonegotiation : On)

Hope this helps!

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Bill Hassell
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Re: network bandwidth

Since you did not provide a version of HP-UX, the answer is nwmgr or lanadmin. Here is the lanadmin command:

lanadmin -x 0

(0 means lan0) Make sure that Speed=1000 Full-duplex and auto-negotiation is on. If this is not the current setting, there are several steps needed to fix the issue.

HOWEVER, this does not show bandwidth, that is, the performance of the card on the current network. In general terms, you can take the wire speed (ie, 1 Gbit/sec) and divide it by 10 to obtain bytes/sec (including a fudge factor for overhead bytes per packet), and then take 80% of that value for maximum performance. So your 1 Gbit/sec link can perform at about 80 Mbytes/sec.

Note that testing a link using software-intensive protocols like NFS or rcp is unreliable as a bandwidth metric. ftp is good as it maximizes throughput in a number of different ways, but the best bandwidth checker is netperf:

Bill Hassell, sysadmin