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ntp client not synchronized with ntp server

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ntp client not synchronized with ntp server



NTP server is solaris server


NTP client is hp-ux server.


there is two minutes difference in time between server and client.


in clinet machine


I have stopped xntpd and executed ntpdate ntp servername



but after that also when i check with date command,there is 2 minutes diffrence.


what are the the things that I need to check.


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Patrick Wallek
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Re: ntp client not synchronized with ntp server

On your HP-UX server, the NTP client, what does the command 'ntpq -p' show?  Please provide its output.

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Re: ntp client not synchronized with ntp server

find the ntpq -p output.


ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset    disp
 web2        xxx22    4 u   52   64  370     0.47  -38.992 16000.0
 web1         16 -    -   64    0     0.00    0.000 16000.0

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Re: ntp client not synchronized with ntp server

Run "date -u" on both the client and server systems to see their ideas of the current UTC time. Do the UTC time values also have the 2 minute difference?


If the UTC time values are in sync, then one of the systems has bad timezone information - consider checking the patch levels of both systems, paying special attention to timezone-related patches.


If the UTC time values are out of sync, stop xntpd and run "ntpdate -d <ntp server name>". Please post the output.


Your "ntpq -p" output does not look too good.


  • there is no asterisk (*) on the first column, so xntpd is not currently in sync with any server.
  • the web1 server is not currently reachable at all, so it is useless.
  • the web2 server has 370 in the "reach" field - that is an octal byte value that is 11111000 in binary, meaning that of the latest 8 polling attempts, the first 5 have been successful but the latest 3 have failed. Looks like your connection to the web2 NTP server is not reliable. 377 would mean "the last 8 polling attempts were all successful".
  • the "offset" value for web2 is about 39 ms, which is good. But the "disp" (dispersion/jitter) field is 16000 ms, which is not good at all.  The "disp" field should be less than 100, or else xntpd won't be able to properly sync with this server. However, this might be a consequence of the unreliable connection, as indicated by the "reach" field.