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samba, changing netbios name but not hostname

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samba, changing netbios name but not hostname

hi all

we re migrating an hpux risc dome to an hpux itanium dome, which is also a samba pdc server.
we re testing in parallel, to make life easier we keeping the new hostname and just migrating the floating ip of serviceguard which is know in dns.

the issue is samba, i have to change the netbios name to the migrating server and it will not longer match the hostname. has
anyone run into this and is it really an issue?

thx in advance
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Re: samba, changing netbios name but not hostname

The Samba Service (CIFS Server) host's name does not necessarily need to be the same as the service's netbios name. So in your case, you can migrate your SAMBA service on to the new HP-UX Server whilst maintaining the Service name.

if your Old dome is say called "master", by default - the Samba Service's netbios name will also be called "master"

When you move the service say to your new 11.31 Itanium Server and the new host's host name is "itanic", you can establish your SAMBA service (even as a PDC) using the old netbios name by simply moving over the smb.conf file and ensuring the config file has:

netbios name = master

It may I think even be possible to cpio the entire /var/opt/samba tree over t the new server and al the tokens could likely be preserved and your Domain perserved...

Hakuna Matata.
Hans Hosang
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Re: samba, changing netbios name but not hostname

To keep your domain, you must also move your /var/opt/samba tree to the new server as this contains the private and locks directories containing your SAM and other tdb files that makeup your domain.

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