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troubleshooting intermittent network connectivities

Super Advisor

troubleshooting intermittent network connectivities



Please can someone help me interpret the following output of the "netstat -s -p tcp" command

 #netstat -s -p tcp
        7303118 packets sent
                6343905 data packets (1636420324 bytes)
                11900 data packets (11431278 bytes) retransmitted
                927570 ack-only packets (330187 delayed)
                0 URG only packets
                265 window probe packets
                0 window update packets
                31644 control packets
        23455306 packets received
                4984348 acks (for 1637203912 bytes)
                50496 duplicate acks
                0 acks for unsent data
                22697709 packets (20878197596 bytes) received in-sequence
                0 completely duplicate packets (0 bytes)
                2 packets with some dup data (6 bytes duped)
                24 out of order packets (84 bytes)
                0 packets (0 bytes) of data after window
                0 window probes
                11463 window update packets
                20 packets received after close
                0 segments discarded for bad checksum
                0 bad TCP segments dropped due to state change
        5891 connection requests
        9816 connection accepts
        15707 connections established (including accepts)
        15700 connections closed (including 42 drops)
        22 embryonic connections dropped
        4962998 segments updated rtt (of 4962998 attempts)
        674 retransmit timeouts
                6 connections dropped by rexmit timeout
        265 persist timeouts
        802 keepalive timeouts
                388 keepalive probes sent
                7 connections dropped by keepalive
        0 connect requests dropped due to full queue
        22 connect requests dropped due to no listener
        0 suspect connect requests dropped due to aging
        0 suspect connect requests dropped due to rate