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Nimble H/W controller specification

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Nimble H/W controller specification

Kindly i would like to ask, what is the specs of nimble controller? internal Processor and internal cache?

HPE Blogger

Re: Nimble H/W controller specification


We do not publically post the specifications of the Nimble models, as we do not associate a certain value or technical benefit to the amount of CPU or RAM cache directly available inside the controllers. Historically, we've seen customers attempt to compare controller specs in order to obtain value for money - which isn't how enterprise storage works.

For example:

Nimble might be 1x Intel Gold CPUs, 64GB RAM

Competitor A might be 2x Platinum CPUs, 512GB RAM

You would think based on the above specs, the competitor might perform better as you're getting more kit for your money...

...however then you realise, after diving deeper, the performance would be the same or even better on Nimble vs the competitor - it makes the analysis a red herring.

This is because the competitor would be less efficent, and have higher overheads of it's system processes - meaning it NEEDS that amount of resource in order just to keep 'the lights on' as it were.

Hope this helps!

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_
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Re: Nimble H/W controller specification

Many thanks Nick for your quick reply, i got the idea