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Re: 2012 R2 remote desktop services / Virtual

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2012 R2 remote desktop services / Virtual

I am working on a client's virtual Windows 2012 R2 server, virtualized in Citrix XenCenter 6.


I am trying to add the role for Remote Desktop Services.   I successfully got it set up for Session Host (RDSH) and remote users can get a Win 2012 desktop, but the client wants users to get a virtual Windows 7 desktop.


So - I re-installed the role, chose Virtual Desktop (RDVH) deployment.


Setup goes fine except I'm not sure where to get the Windows 7 from.  Client has a Windows 7 template set up already under XenCenter, I was hoping to point to it, but it doesn't show on the pick-list while installing the role.


Can someone point me to some docs, or give an overview of how handing out Windows 7 desktops would normally be done?


As an aside, can a virtual Windows 2012 server host virtual desktops, anyway?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: 2012 R2 remote desktop services / Virtual

To add to this; I've found documentation saying the virtual desktop is set up in HyperV manager, first.  The HyperV role wasn't installed, but I can't install HyperV, because Windows says there's a hypervisor already running.


The one already running must be XenCenter, which was used to virtualize the 2012 R2 server in the first place.


So; is it true then that a -virtual- Win 2012 R2 server with Remote Desktop Services installed, can't be used for providing virtual desktops (RDVH)?


Schild André
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Re: 2012 R2 remote desktop services / Virtual



usually you can only use one layer of virtualisation.

In your case the XEN layer.