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Access 2000

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Access 2000

We were using access 97 as front end and for saving the record we used acCmdSaveRecord instrinsic menu function. Usage is
doCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord.

We migrated from access 97 to access 2000, acCmdSaveRecord is not inserting record into informix database where the datatype of one of field in the table is of SERIAL datatype.

Anybody can help to resolve this.
Patrick Ruane
Valued Contributor

Re: Access 2000

I'm not too hot on informix and you may well have to contact the informix user group ( if this doesn't work.

The problem may be due to your VBA code using references that Access 2000 (or access 9 as it really is) doesn't understand. To add extra reference libraries, go to the Visual Basic editor and click on Tools > References. Try adding the following

Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility 5.3

See if this is of any use. Bear in mind Access 2000 still won't understand some VBA commands (such as Error, which needs to be replaced by Err.description).

If anyone out there knows of a knowledge base article that covers 97 - 2000 upgrades, please let me know cause i had to learn this myself and would like to have the official version.



P.S. Of course you need to try all this on a backup database rather than your live version ;)
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