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Access to my directories

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Access to my directories

My problem is simple :
I need to access my files, directories, from remote places.
As I do travel a lot, and need to make changes to certain files when needed and store the new file with same name.
I have already had such files stored in Yahoo and MSN, but with time, the files have become so big, and directories so numerous that I have the need to download them to another computer they were originally stored and created in.
In other words, 2 computers, in distant places, and have the need of a place to store and access the new files and directories.
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Re: Access to my directories

Hi Leo,

Please post this question in the appropriate section of the Business Customer Discussion Groups. Here's a link to the home page for these forums:,,2,00.html

If your product doesn't appear in these forums, try the ITRC forums:

If all else fails, here's a web site to help you find support for your product:

Good luck!

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