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ActiveX Controls

Gary Leather
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ActiveX Controls

Please help! My two children, who know more about the world of computers than I do, have been using my laptop which runs Windows ME. I recently purchased a firewall online but when I tried to down load the programme from the web site a warning message appeared informing me that I did not have the correct ActiveX control installed to enable me to download the programme. How do I solve this problem?
Jacob Paulus
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Re: ActiveX Controls

The easiest firt step you can take is to run Windows Update. To do this, connect to the internet, open Internet Explorer, click Tools, then Windows Update. Install all critical updates. (you may have to run it again after a reboot as some updates can only be installed by themselves.)

If this doesn't fix your problem, it sounds like you may have ActiveX disabled or rather security settings set to not allow ActiveX. To correct this open Internet Explorer, click Tools then Internet Options. Click on the Security tab, then click "custom level" while the "Internet Zone" highlighted." Next, you'll see a drop down menu with the words "Reset to.. [medium, medium low, low]" with Medium selected click the reset button.