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Add date and time to a file name

Frequent Advisor

Add date and time to a file name

Could someone please let me know how I can add the date and time to a file name so that it makes it unique...easy in unix but do not seem to be able to do it in Windows.
I already have a vbs that adds the date but I now also need the time.
I include the script that may help someone that knows this well to just add the missing 'bits'.




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Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: Add date and time to a file name


I'm certain that this has come up in the forums before, about a year ago or so.

Go to the Forums advanced search link at the top of this page, and search in both ITRC and Business Support forums.

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Re: Add date and time to a file name


Thanks for your reply..I appreciate it. I had a quick look but could not find anything but I will have a more thorough look later on using various criteria in the search.
thanks kyris
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Re: Add date and time to a file name

Perhaps there is a simpler way but here it is adding the date to a file name - set in a batch file...

set YYYYMMDD=%DATE:~10,4%%DATE:~7,2%%DATE:~4,2%

type c:\reports\myreport.txt >> c:\reports\myreport_%YYYYMMDD%.txt