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Adding disks to a Netserver LH II

Tom Tolson
Occasional Visitor

Adding disks to a Netserver LH II


I have a Netserver LH II with four 4.26 GB hard drives on a Netraid
controller, using RAID 5. Since the 4.26 GB drives are no longer made, my
question is this: can I add two 9.1 GB hard drives to the same controller using
RAID 5? Do I have to wipe out my logical drive to do this or can I add the
capacity of the 9.1 drives to the RAID 5 without wiping out the logical drive?
I sure appreciate your help.

Tom Tolson
Bob Bell_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Adding disks to a Netserver LH II

You may not be able to get those drives directly through distribution, but you can get them (used) through many resellers. I think you can use the 9GB drives, but it if your logical drives are using mixed sizes your only going to get to use smallest physical drive in your raid set. But, you could create a 2nd logcal drive only using the 9GB's.. Hope that helps..
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