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Best backup system ?

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David Marly

Best backup system ?


I'm looking for a good backup tool for my differents PCs

any suggestions ?

Frederic Zeller
Honored Contributor

Re: Best backup system ?


It depends on the kind of backup you want :

for win2k, there's a "built-in" backup function
( accessories - system tools - backup )

It's good for daily use ( backup up documents )
you can just do a "complete backup" once and then incremental backups ...

For my PC running NT, I use the "Built-In" Briefcase :

It works only between two PCs

Any document created in one PC's briefcase can be synchronized with the other ...

( => So it's also usefull for documents, not for programs )

But for complete system, I would recommand

PowerQuest's Drive Image

-> It can make "images" of your disk

If you have somewhere to put them ( another disk or just Writable CD ... ) it's really easy to backup a disk and easy to recover
( -> you can boot on a floppy and just use your recorded CDs to recontruct your system back )

For a network environment, I used to work with Dantz's Retrospect Remote

-> Centraliszed backup system ( -> on tapes, bands, disk, whatever )

All Networked PC's ( and Macintosh too ) would be backupd up everynight

They had plenty goodies for Laptop too, or if a PC was only plugged on the network in the morning, after the "nightly official backup session"

Haven't used it for a few years, but they are still there.

Comparing to *all* other backup system I saw, there where the BESTS

=> I said for a networked environment, but you can also use it for any standalone PC ...


Why should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...