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Can't boot to floppy with Armada M700

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Can't boot to floppy with Armada M700

I have a Compaq Armada M700. I bought a Hitachi 10Gb formatted harddrive for the laptop. When booting with the Hdd installed I get three beeps and a “Fixed Disk Parameter table or BIOS Error System Halted.” Can’t get to bios or boot to any type of disk with HDD installed. Pulled out Hdd and can get to BIOS. Tried to restore bios, it’s set to boot to multibay-swapable cd/floppy first. Can boot to windows 98 cd. But since Hdd is not in the machine I get a “Disk I/O error, Replace the disk, and then press any key.” Cannot boot to a floppy disk of any kind. Tried XP set of 6 setup disks, also tried 98 bootdisk. Getting a "Non System Disk Error" when trying to boot to floppy without HDD installed. The computer does give an option for a network boot by pressing F12, but I’m not sure how that works. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how I can get to a prompt or get wind
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Re: Can't boot to floppy with Armada M700

Hello Cherie,

Listen to the Beeps carefully and compare it to the codes in the following link:

Check out the codes under your BIOS type.

Hope this help
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