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Re: Can't warm boot

New Member

Can't warm boot

I have a HP Pavillion 6640C. Have not had it a week yet. I have had two hangups
where I could not get out or shut down w/o turning the power off completely.
This seems extreme. I tried Ctrl Alt delete and when I clicked on End nothing
happened. Waited and waited then tried the power button on the computer but it
still would not shut down. Finally resorted to the shuting the power off to the
Can you advise me as to what might be causing this and how to warm boot this
Regular Advisor

Re: Can't warm boot

Hi Christina,

You didn't mention what Operating System or version you're running but there
are several known issues that you might be running into.

The first thing I would do is go to the Microsoft website and read their
technical article about problems shutting down Win98. They do have a shutdown
fix that you can download. This solves a majority of the shutdown problems
people are experiencing. Please review the entire article, follow the
suggestions and troubleshooting steps, and try the fix.

If you continue to have problems after applying the Microsoft fix (or you're
not running Win98), I would take a look at the anti-virus software you're
running. Frequently they will default and try to do a scan when you shut down
and it can cause the machine to stop responding. You can try and disable it
from scanning on shutdown (if possible), or you might have to completely
uninstall the anti-virus software.

If those two ideas don't work out, please post a message in the Pavilion 6600
Series User Forum. You can reach the Pavilion users forums at
http://forum.support.hp.com, click on Enter, and follow the trail to your model
number. There are a lot of postings in their forum relating to your problem
and one of the two steps I outlined above usually resolves the issue. If not,
please post a question in the Pavilion forum.

Please post a message and let us know how it works out.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes